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Photographer Lars Brandt Stisen seeks to stop us in our tracks with his series Frozen in time, fragmenten aus BERLIN series.

“The closest you get to travelling in time is a photograph. It’s more precise than a memory, more present than a motion picture and closer than a dream. A photograph is a fragment of a time and place replaying in front of your eyes in an endless loop. It’s continuously moving back in time and thereby pushing closer and closer to reality.
The older a photograph becomes the further you travel through time when viewing it.
Welcome to the time machine.”

- Lars Brandt Stisen

Under the arcade, Museumsinsel. (Photo Courtesy of Lars Brandt Stisen.)

Summer in Urbanhafen. (Photo Courtesy of Lars Brandt Stisen.)

Towards the bunker. (Photo Courtesy of Lars Brandt Stisen.)

Traveller at Brandenburger Tor. (Photo Courtesy of Lars Brandt Stisen.)

Aircraft behind fence, Berlin-Tegel. (Photo Courtesy of Lars Brandt Stisen.)


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