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Big Sean’s New Outlook.

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GOOD Music playboy Big Sean recently discussed plans for his second album. Sean told MTV that he’s in “a whole different thought mentality” for his sophomore effort. He say that he has better sense of who is an artist and what he represents. He then went on to say that the change in mentality came while he was on tour last year.

“I also have a sense of how people look at me, just by going on tour, my first solo tour, sold-out tour and seeing the people and kids who looked at me as a role model… That’s when I realized when you got the mic, you got the crowd, you gotta say something, or else your moment in time is wasted. It’s just a whole different thought mentality.” – Big Sean. (Interview with MTV.)

He said nothing of the album’s title but he did ensure that it will be out later in the year after the camp is done with done with the golf-sized hailstorm that will be Cruel Summer. Sean really did express some growth in his interview with MTV and his proclaimed heightened awareness should make for a great sophomore effort.

While we wait for Sean’s forthcoming project, here a few of our less known favorites from last year’s Finally Famous.


Seems like an wasted pick but hear us out. The first thing an artist says on an album can set the tone for everything he/she is going to say afterward — Big Sean sets the tone wonderfully with this appetizer of an intro.

↓”Wait for Me” Feat. Lupe Fiasco.↓

It’s always good to hear Lupe on a track and the two have surprisingly okay chemistry. The song has great sing-song melody and its redemptive message carries some weight.

↓”So Much More”.↓

It’s triumphant, soulful and few lyrical gems. Produced by No I.D., this kind of sounds like something that could have been on Late Registration.

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