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Book ‘Em, Danno!: On the Charts.

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Welcome to Book ‘Em, Danno!:…, a segment where we suggest a favorably organized group of words that have been conveniently placed into book form. We haven’t necessarily read these books but we have seen them on a shelf somewhere before.

I Love Charts.↓

Photo Courtesy of Vulcanic News.

Where words fail, charts do wonders. Cody Westphal and Jason Oberholtzer, the creators of the I Love Charts tumblr, know this all too well. Their new book I Love Charts: The Book is basically what the title implies: their tumblr in book form.

If your not familiar with their tumblr, the book will contain hilarious charts that are both figurative and literal. The charts will cover a wide range of subjects but all will be fall down funny.

Book ‘Em! ←

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The Quiet Lunch.
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