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Brains! Brains!

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Courtesy of Sparganum.

Halloween will be here in no time. Well, we wouldn’t say “in no time”, but you can tell by our enthusiasm that it’s one of our favorite holidays. Growing tired of Snickers and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups — not really — we found a candy that perfect for all you candy ghouls.

Photo Courtesy of Sparganum.

Photo Courtesy of Sparganum.

Are these candies the bee’s knees? Made by Sparganum, these delicious Chocolate Skulls Gone Nuts are a must have. Pass these out during Halloween and you’ll have kids breaking in through the windows. Or just order a barrel full and keep them for yourself. Be sure to go to the Sparganum Shop →here← and ask if they are still in stock.

Skulls available in:

• White chocolate.
• Milk chocolate.
• Dark chocolate.
• All possible combinations of the above.

Brains available in:

• Walnut.
• Candy.

Photo Courtesy of Sparganum.

Photo Courtesy of Sparganum.

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