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Bubble Headed.

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It’s turning out to be a rainy week in New York City and this new hands-free Nubrella umbrella could’nt have came at a better time. Designed to resist winds up to 50mph, the invention is perfect for those whose hands are too full to hold an umbrella. Purchase →here←.

According to Telegraph, inventor Alan Kaufman, 49, from Florida, said:

“The major advantage is the wearer doesn’t have to carry anything when not in use as it goes behind the head like a hood. The umbrella was long overdue for some innovation, now people can ride their bikes and work outdoors completely hands free while staying protected. Millions of people are required to work outdoors no matter what the conditions are and simply can’t hold an umbrella and perform their tasks. We believe this will revolutionize the industry and are targeting people who can’t use an umbrella or are too tired to hold an umbrella.”

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