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Caminando On the Wild Side.

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Go-to designer Ronnie Fieg teamed up with luxe footwear brand, Caminando (which translates to “walking” in Spanish) to release The Nolita Low oxfords that are selling out faster than you can say, “¿Que?!”

The entire S/S collection–available online at Kith NYC in Navy, Slate, Black, and Leopard–will be popping up on the feet of urban sophisticates everywhere; inducing awe and raging jealousy all at once.

Check the out  S/S 2012 collection and catch a pair while you still can!

Caminando Nolita Low in Slate. (Photo Courtesy of Kith NYC)

Caminando Nolita Low in Navy. (Photo Courtesy of Kith NYC)

Caminando Nolita Low in Leopard. (Photo Courtesy of Kith NYC)

→Purchase Here!←

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