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Chuck O’Hene.

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We love that “brown juice.” And we love some good old Chuck Taylors. Today the universe put both into a package that may convince us that Santa Clause might just be real.

↓ introducing Futura x Hennessy x Converse Limited Edition Box Set ↓

This blessing from the gods comes in the form of the latest partnership with iconic New York artist, Futura and the limited edition KAWS Collection Bottle from Hennessy. The set comes equipped with a numbered cognac bottle, as well as a custom pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers, sporting a multi-colored, paint splatter motif amongst a solid black base with Hennessy embroidery on the tongue.

There is even a little video that goes deeper into art behind this collaboration. As for availability, when we know, you will know.

Written by Bim Star↓.

Bim Star. (n.) fashion authority; gadget guy. (Photo Courtesy of Bruno Daddi.)

About Bim Star.

Bim Star.
This New York City native breathes the concrete jungle. From be a stylist and clothing designer who’s pieces has graced the silhouettes of fashionistas and socialites alike, to running the streets to get the next story, Bim Star has made his name synonymous as the catalyst of the “urban-sophisticate” style in this new global world and has since strengthened his thumbprint in the industry. Always in the know, and the go-to man for all things ala mode, we are happy to have Bim Star aboard this blazing ship as our senior editor.

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