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Colored Canvas.

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We found these cool canvas bags/clutches made by Karie & Rob of Shelter Protects You. Handmade from canvas, these bags are stylish and pretty efficient looking. They even have their own interesting name origins.

The Rolston Bag.↓

“Named after a gentle winding road in the Green Mountains, this lovely little attaché reminds us of those perfect summer days in Vermont, riding bikes along the dirt road in our bathing suits after a dip in Blueberry Lake.” – Shelter Protects You. (Click to Purchase)

The Rolston Bag interior. (Photo Courtesy of Shelter Protects You.)

• Lined with a contrasting color to protect your worldly possessions, perfect for your laptop and some papers, or for your favorite book and a photo of your best bud. A welt pocket inside for your planner or wallet in the same fabric as the flap highlight!

•  Six small pockets on the front hold your little notebook, keys, and a couple dollars for a cup of tea with a friend.

•  Small silver hook inside for your keys! No more rummaging around at the bottom of your bag to find them.

The Ripton Clutch.↓

“Every once in a while during the summer, we would take a ride over the mountain to visit the tiny village of Ripton, Vermont (population 556) to check out the Ripton General Store. Beautiful hardwood floors in a functioning 1920’s post office. Handmade soaps, root beer, and maple syrup by the owner. Locals in rusted-out pick up trucks. But most importantly: penny candy.” – Shelter Protects You. (Click to Purchase)

The Ripton Clutch interior. (Courtesy of Shelter Protects You.)

• Made of a beautiful brushed cotton twill with awesome geometric tent fabric on top and for the lining as well.

• Leather highlights for wrist strap and closure.

• Pen pocket in front totally obliterates the need to rummage around in your bag for a writing utensil – it’s always at your fingertips! Plus a pocket inside for your credit cards or toothpicks.

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