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Dance Provides Solace for Sex Trafficking Victims.

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Photo Courtesy of CNN/Jill Dougherty.

Victims of the sex trafficking trade in Kolkata, India, have turned to creative measures to cope with the pain of their former existence. The women of Kolkata Sanved, a dance therapy company founded in 2004 by Sohini Chakraborty, express themselves through beautiful movement, helping them to rebuild a once shattered image. “Sanved”, which means “that which responds to stimulus” according to CNN , is an approach in efforts to “break the barriers of traditional dance; employing body movements to transform victims of sexual abuse into ‘proactive advocates’  for themselves.”

The women recently held a performance for Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, demonstrating their strength and grace without saying a word.

For the full story, head over to CNN’s Security Clearance blog.


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