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Doodling a New Daye.

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Quiet Lunch had the distinct pleasure of interviewing filmmaker Michael Daye, who has recently gained notoriety for his remixed portraits of famous authors. What started out as “a project between projects,” became “an exercise in exploring a different medium,” as Michael told us.

Speaking about the “Doodling on Famous Writers” series Daye says, “By ‘defacing’ portraits of these esteemed writers (which I sourced from a box of postcards), I wanted to dramatically alter the image while still being mindful and respectful of the writers themselves.” He goes on to say, “The common strand is that they are all meant to be visual representations of the writers’ work, and the doodle had to ‘fill’ the space appropriately.” And he has certainly succeeded. We have selected a few pieces of Michael’s work to share with you here, dear reader, but please visit his website to enjoy Daye’s full library!

Please enjoy.


William S. Burroughs.

You can’t write a whole bunch of books about junkies and expect to get away with it!

(Courtesy of Michael Daye.)


Virginia Woolfe.

Still connecting the head, the heart, and the senses, even from her watery resting place.

(Courtesy of Michael Daye.)


Federico Garcia Lorca.

Taking the freaky to a whole new level.

(Courtesy of Michael Daye.)

Jorge Luis Borges.

A truly multi-layered man.

(Courtesy of Michael Daye.)

George Orwell.

A penetrating mind, especially on paper.

(Courtesy of Michael Daye.)

Kurt Vonnegut.

If you weren’t scared of clown faces before, then…

(Courtesy of Michael Daye.)


Written by Matia A. Guardabascio.↓

Matia Guardascio (n.): editor at large; a spirited, intelligent female with the flair of a poet, and the soul of a dirty old man.

About Matia G.

Matia G.
Matia Guardabascio is a proud citizen of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and a graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in both English and French Literature. As the daughter of a musician and a school teacher, Matia grew up in a musical household with parents who made a concerted effort to instill in her the value and importance of the arts. She is a music enthusiast, an avid reader, a writer of prose and poetry, a traveler, and an enthusiastic imbiber of red wine. The piano is her favorite instrument, followed by the drums, and she loves Impressionist artwork, especially because she doesn't need to wear her glasses to see what's going on. That's right, the glasses are not for show. She wears tri-focals because she reads too much, or as her good friends might say, she actually 80-years-old.

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