Drake Did Not Get Hit With The Modest Stick.

Drake has recently said that he is the MOST successful singer/rapper ever. Not sure where he was when it was time to be modest, but Drake seems to have not only an alter-ego, but an OVER-EGO.  To don himself with such an achievement is in the same realm of Chris Brown calling the press and saying no one in history has been able to pull off dancing and singing at the same damn time.  Drake needs to take a back seat to this King Complex.

Shall we say that he is dissing some of industries greats?  How about Kanye West?  Missy Elliott? Queen Latifah? Lauryn Hill? Andre 3000? Mos Def? Q-Tip? So, what do we have to say? Sorry Drake:

“You gave yourself a Grammy and we are considering you just a Nominee.”

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  1. Shouldn’t it read, “And we AREN’T even considering you a nominee.”?

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