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Eric Cahan‘s Sky Series is an ongoing project that captures phenomenal color gradient created by sunsets and sunrises alike. Accumulated during his extensive travels, each photo is tagged which a specific time and location. Forewarning, the photo have been slightly treated with Photoshop but a great majority of the polychromatic beauty that you’re about to see was authentically captured by with colored resin filters that Cahan created himself.

Sea Cliff, San Francisco, CA
Sunrise 6:57am (Courtesy of Eric Cahan.)

Fort Pond Bay, Montauk, NY
Sunset 8:10pm (Courtesy of Eric Cahan.)

Bridgehampton, NY Sunset 7:48pm (Courtesy of Eric Cahan.)

Two Mile Hallow, NY Sunset 7:22pm (Courtesy of Eric Cahan.)

The Dunes, Amagansette, NY Sunset 6:47pm (Courtesy of Eric Cahan.)

El Carmen, Costa Rica Sunset 5:34pm (Courtesy of Eric Cahan.)

Sagaponack, NY Sunrise 6:20am (Courtesy of Eric Cahan.)

Santa Cruz, CA Sunset 7:21pm (Courtesy of Eric Cahan.)

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