Stole It From the Future. | Introducing Eyephones by Zungle.

Confession… I am not a fan of bluetooth earpieces when it comes to audio headsets and my mobile device. Call me a skeptic but I just do not trust waves or radiation near my brain. Conspiracy worries aside, I may want to try  a pair of EyePhones by Zungle. Zungle is a new pair of sunglasses that combines built-in bluetooth wireless connection and new bone conduction speaker technology to transmit sound waves to the skull via vibrations without earpieces, hence the name eye-phones. Sounds coolAF.


Zungle’s Eyephones are ideal for the daily commuter whose commute includes mass transit as you still are able to hear external announcements of service changes. If you bike or skateboard daily, the eyephone maybe the best audio device because of the “ear-free” eye-phone allows riders to clearly hear their surroundings while be able to connect to a call or listen to your latest Spotify play list. Zungle comes in 5 color ways, is waterproof and the lens are interchangeable. Maybe the peeps at Zungle will get a pair over to Quiet Lunch for a product demo video… lol hey you never know.






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