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Find the Words to Say…

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We’re a long way from Christmas but we just can’t ignore how awesome this wrapping paper looks. Fabio and Francesca of Wordless Design Shop have created intriguing gift wraps that may just outshine the gift itself. Dubbed The Universal Wrapping Paper, it also saves the gift giver some time. Fabio and Francesca explain:

“The universal wrap idea was born on a January afternoon, soon after Christmas, when we realized we couldn’t use wrapping paper with Christmas decorations for a Birthday or any different occasion. So we tried to solve two practical problems: create a “passe par tout” wrap and eliminate the need of a gift card. This would have reduced waste of paper and time. The word search game solution came natural and resulted immediately amusing to us.”

Photo Courtesy of Wordless Design Shop.

Photo Courtesy of Wordless Design Shop.

Photo Courtesy of Wordless Design Shop.

Photo Courtesy of Wordless Design Shop.

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