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First Female Olympian from Qatar.

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Photo Courtesy of Qatar Is Booming.

19 year-old Bahiya Al-Hamad is on the verge of making history. Al-Hamad is set to take part in the upcoming Olympics held in London and by doing so, she will become the Qatar’s first female Olympian.

The young air-rifle shooter initially missed out the chance to compete when she fell half a point short after winning several regional competitions but was awarded a wild card invitation.

Qatar was one of the only three countries — along with Saudi Arabia and Brunei – to have never sent a woman to the Olympic games.

“It’s an accomplishment for every Qatari woman… I hope I can live up to their expectation.”

Al-Hamad will attend the games with two other women – swimmer Nada Arkaji and sprinter Noor al-Malki — who have also been awarded wildcards. Fortunately, Al-Hamad hasn’t faced any significant backlash since receiving the good news.

Now that Qatar has taken a step forward towards a more modern way of thinking — at least in an athletic sense — many are now turning their attention to Saudi Arabi who have been report to be sending a list of potential female athletes for the Games.

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