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Advertising agency, WHYBIN\TBWA, came up with a cool concept for the Sydney International Food Festival. Creating flags out of food, they even went the extra step by placing the appropriate food that is most associated with that country. Be forewarned, not all of the flags’ foods foods are country-appropriate, some artistic license was taken.

ITALY – Basil, pasta, tomatoes. (Courtesy of WHYBIN\TBWA)

BRAZIL – Banana leaf, limes, pineapple, passion fruit. (Courtesy of WHYBIN\TBWA)

INDIA – Curries, rice, pappadum wafer. (Courtesy of WHYBIN\TBWA)

JAPAN – Tuna and rice. (Courtesy of WHYBIN\TBWA)

GREECE – Kalamata Olives and feta cheese. (Courtesy of WHYBIN\TBWA)

LEBANON – Lavash, fattoush, herb spring. (Courtesy of WHYBIN\TBWA)

VIETNAM – Rambutan, lychee, starfruit. (Courtesy of WHYBIN\TBWA)

AUSTRALIA – Meat pie, sauce. (Courtesy of WHYBIN\TBWA)

SOUTH KOREA – Kimbap and sauces. (Courtesy of WHYBIN\TBWA)

UNITED KINGDOM – Scone, cream, jams. (Courtesy of WHYBIN\TBWA)

FRANCE – Blue cheese, brie, grapes. (Courtesy of WHYBIN\TBWA)

CHINA – Pittaya/dragon fruit and star fruit. (Courtesy of WHYBIN\TBWA)

INDONESIA – Spicy curries and rice (Sambal). (Courtesy of WHYBIN\TBWA)

TURKEY – Turkish Delight (Lokum). (Courtesy of WHYBIN\TBWA)

SPAIN – Chorizo and rice. (Courtesy of WHYBIN\TBWA)

THAILAND – Sweet chilli sauce, shredded coconut, blue swimmer crab. (Courtesy of WHYBIN\TBWA)

SWITZERLAND – Charcuteries and emmental. (Courtesy of WHYBIN\TBWA)

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