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Normally on Quiet Lunch we feature art that is vivid, slightly misguided, and sometimes riddled with nudity; however, we decided to switch it up a bit by selecting an artist that brings a much needed level of refinement.

Frank Caracciolo’s paintings are like stepping into a visual manifestation of your most profound thoughts. His works are everything abstract should be; thought evoking, full bodied, and always stunning. Born and bred in Brooklyn (and now based out of Montreal) Caracciolo’s veteran roots play a heavy part in his simply complex style; giving his works an understated glamor.

“Clarity” by Frank Caracciolo.

His pieces spark an ember of inspiration and to understand and appreciate abstract art is to understand what it means to truly speak volumes without saying a word. Caracciolo’s work speaks beyond what the eye can see; he provides a canvas that, to the inhibited mind, may be devout of any actual figures and forms but in essence serves as a catalyst to unlocking one’s buried psyche.



Frank Caracciolo’s body of work is the epitome of seeing beyond your mind’s eye and allowing yourself to be washed away in the bliss of the simplicity; the kind of art you take in and let flow through your veins.