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Going for That Diamond Look.

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Photo Courtesy of The Brooklyn Vegan.

In their video for “Diamond Look”, Montreal based foursome, TOPS, poke a little fun at the day in the life of a male model. Interlaced with scenes of everyday model life i.e. rooftop games of soccer, watching television together on the couch, and running after a girl on a bike — all done shirtless —  are also scenes of the models as they become beautified. “Diamond look so bright and so shiny”. Yes, indeed. But don’t let the fellas and all their pretty distract you from the fun, retro vibe of “Diamond Look”. You can check out this tune, and more of their funky pop sound on their first full length release, Tender Opposites.

Written by Erika Quinones.↓

Erika Quinones (n.):

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