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He’ll Pencil You In.

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Now THAT’S how you use a pencil! Wow. Prepare to be put into a state of such awe that you may never use a pencil ever again out of pure shame for not understanding its true potential. The artwork depicted here by Diego Koi may look like photography, but it’s not. No–it’s a drawing done in pencil. Through Diego Koi’s work, the pencil has emerged from the shadow of past-time as more than a mere tool for writing, but an astoundingly effective instrument of expression.

Courtesy of Diego Koi.

Courtesy of Diego Koi.

Courtesy of Diego Koi.

Courtesy of Diego Koi.

Courtesy of Diego Koi.

Written by Matia A. Guardabascio.↓

Matia Guardabascio (n.): editor at large; a spirited, intelligent female with the flair of a poet, and the soul of a wise sage.

About Matia G.

Matia G.
Matia Guardabascio is a proud citizen of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and a graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in both English and French Literature. As the daughter of a musician and a school teacher, Matia grew up in a musical household with parents who made a concerted effort to instill in her the value and importance of the arts. She is a music enthusiast, an avid reader, a writer of prose and poetry, a traveler, and an enthusiastic imbiber of red wine. The piano is her favorite instrument, followed by the drums, and she loves Impressionist artwork, especially because she doesn't need to wear her glasses to see what's going on. That's right, the glasses are not for show. She wears tri-focals because she reads too much, or as her good friends might say, she actually 80-years-old.

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