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If You Only Had 31 Days…

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“What would you do to change the world in 31 days?” is the question esteemed photographer, Stephan Schacher, asked himself.  Here is how he decided to answer said question:

↓ the 31 – day project ↓.


Stephan says:

“This question which I tried to answer for myself, was to become the trigger for my project ” 31Days, 31Ways, 31Minds”!
In May 2010 I set out to photograph one person every day for 31 days straight with a large format view camera. I didn’t photograph just anybody, but I photographed New York’s most inspirational and influential emerging artists, musicians, designers and thinkers. And, I asked each one of them to answer this question with a handwritten statement.

The result is a visual diary that tells more than just the story of the people portrayed but really touches on the issues of todays world! I was fortunate enough to be able to continue this project in Zurich and Kunming (China) this year and I am curious to see how people will answer this question in other cities around the world. My goal would be to feature nine capitals on six continents in the next three years; to do shows in all of those cities and finally to print a beautiful book with all the portraits and statements from across the globe.

I know this project is very ambitious and labor intensive. But I cannot do this by myself.
I am counting on your support and I am hoping that you can get some of your friends on board as well! This project can and will inspire change! Thank you for your pledge!”

 Further Information to the project  → Click Here ←

Written by Bim Star↓.

Bim Star. (n.) fashion authority; gadget guy. (Photo Courtesy of Akeem Duncan.)

About Bim Star.

Bim Star.
This New York City native breathes the concrete jungle. From be a stylist and clothing designer who’s pieces has graced the silhouettes of fashionistas and socialites alike, to running the streets to get the next story, Bim Star has made his name synonymous as the catalyst of the “urban-sophisticate” style in this new global world and has since strengthened his thumbprint in the industry. Always in the know, and the go-to man for all things ala mode, we are happy to have Bim Star aboard this blazing ship as our senior editor.

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