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Intimate Lighting.

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Photo Courtesy of Ladislava Repková.

When it comes to setting the mood, lighting is key. Aside from the company that’s being kept, lighting is almost the very foundation of a good function. Designer Ladislava Repková understands this notion and has gone the extra step to solidify its importance.

Although Repková’s lamps are more geared towards the definition of intimacy through human form and less geared towards setting the mood, we can’t help but feel a little warm and fuzzy inside whenever we look at these. The collection includes three different lamps total, each with their own poses.

Each of the lamps is related to another meaning of the word intimacy. Lamp “Relationship” shows close relationship and the confidentiality of two people. The lamp “Body” is concentrated on the intimacy as a personal space of a man – an individual in the meaning of his own body and soul at the same. The lamp “Privacy” represents anonymity and the need for a person to have his or hers own personal space.

Photo Courtesy of Ladislava Repková.

Photo Courtesy of Ladislava Repková.

Photo Courtesy of Ladislava Repková.

Photo Courtesy of Ladislava Repková.

Photo Courtesy of Ladislava Repková.

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