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Keeping a Clopen Mind.

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Now, before we show you this item, you’ll have to pinkie swear that you won’t go around telling your friends about this kickass shelf that helps you hide your stuff. Or you can completely disregard the previous sentence, skip straight to the pictures and pin it to a Pintrest board aptly titled, “Hey, Guys! Look What I Found!”

Made by Torafu, the Clopen shelf is a deceptively plain looking floating shelf with a hidden draw inside. The shelf is accompanied by 2 stubs of wood that conceal magnets which act as keys to reveal a secret 23mm drawer. It’s perfect for hiding your diary/journal, keys, important documents and other “things”.

Courtesy of Torafu.

Courtesy of Torafu.

Courtesy of Torafu.

Courtesy of Torafu.


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The Quiet Lunch.
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