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Knowing Kendall.

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The body of Kendall Bouchlas‘ work is an intimate one. For Bouchlas, simply taking a photograph is more than an artistic action; it’s a storied experience.

“The Fates Design”. (Courtesy of Kendall Bouchlas.)

“La Petite Sirene”. (Courtesy of Kendall Bouchlas.)

Bouchlas’ approach to photography has an Hollywood air. Not to say that it isn’t organic but it certainly possesses a level of ambition that allows her audience to recognize her full potential. We decided to find out exactly what makes her tick.

What/Who are your artistic influences?

“My influence is open to anything. Whether it’s something I’ve read, a piece of art I’ve seen, or music that I’ve listened to, everything kind of meshes together in my photographs.”

“Collecting Raindrops”. (Courtesy of Kendall Bouchlas.)

“Soaking Up the Sun”. (Courtesy of Kendall Bouchlas.)

Despite her answer, we still believe Kendall has as a specific movie magic when it comes to her work. Here evolution as a photographer is playing out before our very eyes.

Aside from being able to capture a moment, she’s also exceptionally keen on capturing herself; Bouchlas’ self portraits are some of the best we’ve seen this year. When asked about being prematurely labeled has a self-portraitist, she had this to say:

“I wouldn’t say I’m a self portraitist now. A few months ago, maybe. I’ve just started exploring where this gift can take me. Not even a year ago, I was taking pictures of flowers and my dog, so that just goes to show you anything can happen. I try not to restrict myself by labeling. Right now I’m only certain of one thing, I love to take pictures.”

Courtesy of Kendall Bouchlas.

In all, Kendall Bouchlas is young, eager and hungry. Her appetite for creation is growing by the day — even as you read this feature, she is dreaming up another stilled tale that will entice our fancies and feed our admiration.

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    [...] Photography, Ocular Heroin, Quiet Lunch Magazine Zoom image Pin It Up until now, Kendall Bouchlas was youngest talent that we have ever had the pleasure of featuring. We say “up until [...]

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