Laura’s Batting Lashes.

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Natasha Khan, more popularly known by her stage name Bat for Lashes, has released new visuals for her single “Laura”. The video starts off rather intimately with Khan pacing in circles while looking vulnerably into the camera. It’s a theatrical production overall, stoking the fire surrounding her forthcoming album The Haunted Man — which will be released in the UK on 10/15 and then here in the states on 10/23, two days before the singer’s birthday.

The album cover for The Haunted Man is a special one. Shot by Ryan McGinley, it emulates one of our favorite photographs of all time. Khan told the NME:

“I really wanted to strip things back in honour of women like Patti Smith; just these raw, honest women. I had no make-up on, it’s just me and my haunted man!”

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