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Like You Never Left.

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Let’s face it, you never really wanted to leave the nest. Okay, maybe you wanted your parents to leave but you always adored the humble abode in which you grew 2 inches in a summer and lost your first tooth — not in that order.

Now, there are a great number of you who couldn’t wait to leave the hellhole you call home but the folks over at O*GE Creative Group certainly know what it’s like to miss the nest. So much, that they made a bed that will make it seem like you never left.

Courtesy of O*GE Creative Group.

In all reality, we’re just projecting; this bed has a much deeper meaning. Made in sizes to fit 16 people at once or just one individual, the Giant Birdsnest for Creating New Ideas is meant to be a “new and inspiring socializing space, which can be seen as a morph of furniture and playground.” → Click here ← and contact O*GE Creative Group to get your hands on one!

Courtesy of O*GE Creative Group.

Courtesy of O*GE Creative Group.

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