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Micah On Acid.

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The work of Micah Lidberg seems to celebrate the end of summer with a hit of acid. Lidberg creates a world that possesses a strong dose of frightful beauty. His pieces are surrealistically playful but somewhat tormented. We caught up with Lidberg and asked our usual questions:

“Friction Dino”. (Courtesy of Micah Lidberg.)

On his inspiration:

“I think Nature has always been a big influence. When I was a kid, I was fascinated with it. I played out in the woods, watch documentaries, and read lots of books about it. That fascination still carries through today and bleeds into my work constantly. As I’ve gotten older my influences have broadened a bit. I’ve been increasingly interested in design, culture, and fashion.”

“My Favorite Things”. (Courtesy of Micah Lidberg.)

“Rendlesham Forest, 1980″. (Courtesy of Micah Lidberg.)

“I’d like for my audience to have a feeling of connection when they look at my work. I love drawing elaborate jumbles. There’s a point when something gets so complicated, it’s easier to see it as a whole, instead of just it’s parts. That’s how I try to see the world – as a complete whole – and I do my best to share that experience in my work.”

For Hair’ em Scare’em. (Courtesy of Micah Lidberg.)

You Melt My Submarine. (Courtesy Micah Lidberg.)

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