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Mike Dean, Check Two, One, Two.

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This spring hasn’t exactly been on its best behavior. The air has been cooler than usual and the sky has had more of an autumn charm than a spring cheer. But meteorological misbehavior endured, we made our way through a rainy afternoon last week to Jungle City in Chelsea to talk shop with Mike Dean.

Photography by NaShish Scott/Courtesy of Qiuet Lunch Magazine.

The Grammy award-winning super producer was packing for a flight and, just before his departure, was generous enough to sit down with Quiet Lunch to answer some of our pesky questions.

Okay, our questions weren’t exactly pesky but when you are interviewing one of the most accomplished producers in music (The UntouchableThe Peoples ChampFinally FamousGraduationMy Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and most recently, Watch the Throne ) you can’t help but feel like you are wasting his time.

Luckily for us, Mike Dean was patient, friendly and down-to-earth. He had an air of greatness that was enriched by his worthwhile humility; the perfect balance of talent and virtue. And, thankfully, our soggy appearance didn’t cause him to have security escort us from the premises.

Photography by NaShish Scott/Courtesy of Quiet Lunch Magazine.

Not-so-pesky questions in hand, we swatted away the rain from our garments, set up our cameras and after Dean was done transmuting a Swisher Sweets, we proceeded to get to know the Coca-Cola Cowboy.

Thanks for re-introducing yourself.



The Dean’s List

Written by Akeem K. Duncan.↓

Akeem Duncan (n.): editor-in-chief; hated by most of the staff.


About Akeem K. Duncan.

Akeem K. Duncan.
Akeem is our Editor in Chief. A writing ogre and profuse sweater, he is responsible for the daily function and overall misdirection of Quiet Lunch. When he’s not perusing the worldwide web for “documentaries on intercourse”, he can be often found holed up in various friend’s apartments organizing content or tweaking the site.

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