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Now I’m Just Somebody That I Used to Know.

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Life is a journey that can be both intricate and simple; both idiosyncratic and uniform. As much as we attempt to define life–as much as we attempt to bring it down to an exact science–we have yet to come to the realization that life is a glittery grey nebula of ifs, ands, and buts.

How can we seek to define something that is constantly evolving? How can we seek to grasp something that possesses such unpredictable fluidity? How can you accept , and cope with, what seems to be a commonplace instability?

According to Pol Ubeda Hervas, the aforementioned questions can be internalized, and turned on one’s self. What happens when your concept of self isn’t as clear as you would like it to be? Hervas’ series, I’m Not There, is an examination of a human being that is losing their identity. Featuring a shadow of the “former self” and empty pair of sneakers, Hervas had this to say about his series:

“I don’t recognize myself any more. These photos express this feeling.”

- Pol Ubeda Hervas

Courtesy of Pol Ubeda Hervas.

Courtesy of Pol Ubeda Hervas.

Courtesy of Pol Ubeda Hervas.

Courtesy of Pol Ubeda Hervas.

Courtesy of Pol Ubeda Hervas.

Written by Akeem K. Duncan.↓

Akeem K. Duncan (n.): editor in chief; despised by most of the staff.

About Akeem K. Duncan.

Akeem K. Duncan.
Akeem is our Editor in Chief. A writing ogre and profuse sweater, he is responsible for the daily function and overall misdirection of Quiet Lunch. When he’s not perusing the worldwide web for “documentaries on intercourse”, he can be often found holed up in various friend’s apartments organizing content or tweaking the site.

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