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Now Meat the Book.

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We fell in love with Dominic Episcopo‘s work back in October, and we were happy that he was converting his signature Meatography into book form. Coming off a successful Kickstarter campaign, Episcopo will be releasing a coffee table version of his iconic Meat America this March.


Courtesy of Dominic Episcopo.

Being huge fans of the series, we decided to get in touch with Episcopo and get a few words about the project, his inspiration and how he expects the audience to react to Meat America the book.

On inspiration:

“Well, I have always loved meat and was thrilled to be able to finally work with it as my medium. Its a medium that has not been truly realized as an art form. It started with thinking that it looks like geography, the marbling feels like a map. And the idea of meat speaks to so many topics and issues.

The irony of using meat to celebrate the American experience makes perfect sense to me. Its unavoidable that its speaks to so many issues from heath, consumption, mass production and animal rights. and there is something big, proud and dumb about it all.  I try to keep it fun and simple.”

Courtesy of Dominic Episcopo.

Courtesy of Dominic Episcopo.

On the audience’s reception:

“Well its been making the rounds on art blogs for years now it its usually pretty well received. It definitely triggers lots of passionate view and some funny commentary, and I appreciate that it may not be for everyone.”

Courtesy of Dominic Episcopo.

Courtesy of Dominic Episcopo.

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