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Pasta in the City.

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There are times when a product’s packaging just does it for you. Even if it’s something that you do not necessarily need, the right packaging can convince you that you do. If that is case, then we need about a lifetime supply of NYC Spaghetti.

“The NYC Spaghetti started as a university project where I had to repackage a diffcult item. My choice was spaghetti and it became the focal point of the packaging. On the underside of the box is a model of the Chrysler building (created by Ben Thorpe) that when pushed into the spaghetti creates a skyscraper impression on top. Fortunately this project has been well received winning 2nd place in the Dieline awards and commended at the D&AD Student Awards 2010.”

- Alex Creamer.

Courtesy of Alex Creamer.

Courtesy of Alex Creamer.

Courtesy of Alex Creamer.

Courtesy of Alex Creamer.

Courtesy of Alex Creamer.

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