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Peppered with People.

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Brooklyn based illustrator Greg Mamczak offers up deceptively timid pieces that take on a whole other meaning once you take a closer look. Further inspection will reveal a scathing critique of society and its practices. Some of Mamczak’s pieces confuse you while others pieces make their meaning all too apparent.

Mamczak leans on themes of surrealism, minimalism, nature, and the explusion of bodily fluids in order to get his points across. The artist also scatters his subjects about the canvas, leaving his audience to take it all in.

“Cocaine Smugglers”. (Courtesy of Greg Mamczak.)

“Discovering An Anti Venom”. (Courtesy of Greg Mamczak.)

“Research at a Cost”. (Courtesy of Greg Mamczak.)

“Alligator Product”. (Courtesy of Greg Mamczak.)

“Apple Cider Urine Separation Tests”. (Courtesy of Greg Mamczak.)

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