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Self-Money in the Bank.

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In conjunction with the Bureau of Self-Recognition, artist Chloë Bass has created an installation that interacts with its audience through encouraging self enrichment.

The Bank Vault (pictured below) is only half of the Bank of the Bureau of Self Recognition project. The other half is a rather nifty “Making Time” kit that comes with all the accouterments needed to get you even closer to You. At first, we were intrigue solely by the Bank Vault and its dismal appearance; but as we learned more about the project, we became even more enthralled with its overall significance.

“The entire Bank of the Bureau of Self-Recognition project is about personal sustainability: what it means to take time “for yourself,” and how in a way that becomes a kind of contract. What I like about the BANK VAULT Installation is that it takes a positive premise and reconfigures it into a creepy, abandoned space — an interrogation room that someone has just stepped out of. And who is the interrogator? It could be me, as the artist, but really I think the interrogation is between a person and him/herself as well. The installation “holds” the contract for all of us, and the surveillance allows us to watch it. I also love capturing the secret lives of spaces. I think spaces tell us a lot about who we are as individuals, and where we belong in society. Another contract that bears watching.”

- Chloë Bass

Courtesy of Chloë Bass.

Courtesy of Chloë Bass.

Courtesy of Chloë Bass.

According the press release, The Bank of the Bureau of Self-Recognition is a conceptual exercise in increasing personal sustainability and adding non-monetary value to everyday life. The bank deals exclusively in the Self-Dollar. Each Self -Dollar is an hour of time dedicated to spending on one’s self, and serves as a contract between the bank account holder and him/herself, endorsed by the Bureau of Self-Recognition.

The Chloë Bass limited edition is a hand-screenprinted box, containing all of the elements necessary to maintain a bank account with the Bureau of Self-Recognition. Produced with the assistance of Jessica Kaire and Ray Cross, each box is signed and numbered original (also stamped and dated by the Bureau) .

Part of EIDIA House‘s Plato’s Cave initiative, the installation will run through September 27th. →Click here for info.

Courtesy of Chloë Bass.


• one customized 3.5” x 5.5” Bureau of Self-Recognition Moleskine notebook for tracking deposits and withdrawals
• 5 laser printed self-dollars (pre-endorsed by the Bureau)
• drawing materials
• a complementary Bureau of Self-Recognition pen and promotional balloon.

Courtesy of Chloë Bass.

Courtesy of Chloë Bass.

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