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Shutter Down.

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Let’s face it, although your pictures come out great, the touch screen shutter on your iPhone doesn’t exactly feel as authentic as an actual shutter.

Introducing the iPhone Shutter Grip…

Photo Courtesy of Photo Jojo.

Now all you Instagram junkie can feel like Gordon Parks himself! It adds a photo and video button right where you’re used to having a shutter button. The grip connects to the charging slot and hugs the sides of your iPhone for a secure hold — this means no more shaky pictures (especially during low-light settings) and no more phone slips that often result in drops and cracked screens.

Photo Courtesy of Photo Jojo.

When you realize mid-shoot that you should really be capturing in video, just press the black video record button. You can even capture stills of your video by pressing the shutter button again, mid-shoot!

Purchase Here!

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