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Simply Dramatic.

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The illustration of Aad Goudappel is simplistic but still drives home a particular message.

“Obesity. (Courtesy of Aad Goudappel.)

“Freedom”. (Courtesy of Aad Goudappel.)

“Crisis Management”. (Courtesy of Aad Goudappel.)

“Invest More”. (Courtesy of Aad Goudappel.)

Based in the Netherlands, Goudappel’s work plays coy while revealing a bedrock of social commentary that is all too real.

“Child Abuse”. (Courtesy of Aad Goudappel.)

About The Quiet Lunch.

The Quiet Lunch.
Quiet Lunch is a grassroot online publication that seeks to promote various aspects of life and culture with a loving, but brute, educational tinge. When we say, “Cerebral Sustenance Daily,” we mean it.

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