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Like most of us, Calgary born artist Maskull Lasserre doesn’t read the manual. But unlike any of us, he puts them in a vice grip and makes extraordinary art out of them. Carved from old software manuals, Lasserre’s Incarnate (Three Degrees of Certainty II) is a unique piece of work that exudes great innovation and skill.

Courtesy of Maskull Lasserre.


Courtesy of Maskull Lasserre.

On his inspiration:

“My inspiration is the unexpected potential of the most common everyday experiences, objects and materials. I am moved by the way the most mundane things can manifest all kinds of human care, worry, expectation and hope. Often this comes with a sort of black sense of humour.”


Courtesy of Maskull Lasserre.

Courtesy of Maskull Lasserre.

Obviously it must all mean something. The death of extensive knowledge? The demise of basic learning tools? Does it represent the causalities of a hyperactive technological landscape in which something is constantly being rendered obsolete? We thought Lasserre would put our questions to rest with a sound explanation but instead he reinforced them and urged us to create our meaning.

“My work is really an offering to the audience. I am happy for them just to experience it, and hopefully enjoy the journey of discovery that it has to offer. What I put into the work is what interests me, but I know it is not necessarily what the viewer gets out of it. What the audience takes away with them [is] really between them and the work.”

Courtesy of Maskull Lasserre.

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