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A row of PS3 games on the shelf doesn’t exactly impress the ladies as much as a shelf full of books; but what if all of your video games looked like books? New York based artist James Bit has created a series of ill Custom Video Game Covers that resemble the old penguin paperback books. The custom made covers are available to purchase at the James Bit Originals Etsy store.

• When ordering, please include your game titles and let us know which console they are for.

•  Your new covers will be sent via email as a high quality PDF. Just print them and slip them into your game case. No shipping costs to you and the file is yours forever in case something happens.

Courtesy of James Bit.

Courtesy of James Bit.

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The Quiet Lunch.
Quiet Lunch is a grassroot online publication that seeks to promote various aspects of life and culture with a loving, but brute, educational tinge. When we say, “Cerebral Sustenance Daily,” we mean it.

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