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So Good It (Kurtz).

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For Malibu Monthly. (Courtesy of Rory Kurtz.)

Rory Kurtz‘s work is full on drama; it doesn’t play nice and goes straight for the jugular. Although his pieces seem kosher at first, you quickly discover that Kurtz has slipped you a capsule of surrealism. And if there is one thing you will realize about his art is that you can never simply look at his art — you must be aware enough to see.

For Popshot Magazine. (Courtesy of Rory Kurtz.)

For ESPN. (Courtesy of Rory Kurtz.)

Kurtz is confronting–with great reason–but you can still never be too sure. His work falsely assures you there is no need to put your dukes up, only to deliver a massive sucker punch of an impact.

“The Heart Theif”. (Courtesy of Rory Kurtz.)

“Saving Alex”. (Courtesy of Rory Kurtz.)

“Electra”. (Photo Courtesy of Rory Kurtz.)

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