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Stacks & Terry.

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Our friends over at SUPRA just released the Pro + Am Collection. It features four signature pro model shoes redesigned by four different Ams (meaning amateurs). Skater Terry Kennedy‘s signature edition, Stacks, are the first pair to drop in the collection. Kevin Romar collaborated with the design colorway. Dubbed, TK + Romar Stacks, the sneaks sport a unique, black, nappy suede upper with burgundy accents, burgundy mesh lining, a PRO + AM sock liner and hang tag, all on a burgundy cup sole with white sidewalls.

Terry said:

“The colorway is dope. I like the suede, it’s kind of like a brush, like an afro almost. When I looked at it that was the first thing that came to my mind: looks like an afro. I’ve never seen that material before. It’s super interesting.”

Check out the visuals here:

Terry continued:

“I got inspired by my hair: it’s nappy black, and I had to throw burgundy on there, that’s one of my favorite colors. It’s pretty much just burgundy and nappy, two things that go good together.”

The TK + Romar Stacks is now available at better skate retailers worldwide, and

Written by Bim Star.↓

Bim Star. (n.) fashion authority; gadget guy. (Photo Courtesy of Akeem Duncan.)

About Bim Star.

Bim Star.
This New York City native breathes the concrete jungle. From be a stylist and clothing designer who’s pieces has graced the silhouettes of fashionistas and socialites alike, to running the streets to get the next story, Bim Star has made his name synonymous as the catalyst of the “urban-sophisticate” style in this new global world and has since strengthened his thumbprint in the industry. Always in the know, and the go-to man for all things ala mode, we are happy to have Bim Star aboard this blazing ship as our senior editor.

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