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Staying in Season.

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Although many of us have grown accustom to eating whatever we want, whenever we want, in the old days, your menu was often limited to what was in season.

Yep, believe it or not, you couldn’t have fresh cranberries in the winter, fresh tarragon was a distant memory come fall and fresh squash certainly wasn’t much of an option in the spring. Fortunately, with the innovation of technology and food transportation, you can now have any fruit, herb or vegetable you want, no matter what season it is.

In fact, knowing which fruits, herbs and vegetables are in season would be going the extra mile — especially when it comes to spoiled city folk. We figure:

“Who needs to know when shit is in season when I can just stroll to the market and probably get it fresh anyway?”

Well, after watching the Walking Dead marathon all weekend, we all realized that we may not always have that luxury. So, just in case we are force to live off the land, let’s get familiarized some seasonal charts we found on Chasing Delicious. Plus, it’ll make a great addition to your useful information bank.

Courtesy of Chasing Delicious.

Courtesy of Chasing Delicious.

Courtesy of Chasing Delicious.

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