Summer Visiva Series 4

Superb Visual.

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Block them haters with these ferociously fly sunglasses by Italian eyewear brand, SUPER, and give all the framed face time your heart can dish out.

The Summer Visiva Series comes in an array of fun and funky frames, and uniquely quirky prints that will remind you of shore house decor. The shades’ prints are wrapped front to back; making for an eyegasm to both the bespectacled wearer and spectators alike.

Starting at €150 Euros (a little under $200 USD), you won’t feel guilty about spending your hard earned beans on these scene stealers.

Classic Resin Poissons. (Photo Courtesy of SUPER)

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Panamá Resin Florida. (Photo Courtesy of SUPER)

Flat Top Resin Inn. (Photo Courtesy of SUPER)