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Sweet, Sweet Weaponry.

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Currently showing at Davidson Contemporary in New York City, Darren Lago’s Sugar attempts to redefine the often threatening nature of weapons–especially guns.

“Their harmlessness is evident, and the declawed machismo of steel weaponry is transferred into gaudy yet seductive pastels and fruity hues.”

- Darren Lago.

Gummy M16, 2011 – Cast Tinted Resin and Glass Granules. (Courtesy of Davidson Contemporary.)

M & M-16 (Composition more orange than blue), 2011 – Cast Resin and Enamel with Steel Stand. (Courtesy of Davidson Contemporary.)

Strange Fruit Pastille M-16, 2011 – Cast Tinted Resin and Glass Granules on Painted Steel Bracket. (Courtesy of Davidson Contemporary.)

Cola Colt, 2011 – Resin, Pigment, and Glass Granules. (Courtesy of Davidson Contemporary.)


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