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Synder & Foela Drop Science.

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Science; the Catholics despise it, hipsters use it to back inaccurate facts and the general public just thinks it’s a foreign language altogether. Despite science’s tendency to be misunderstood, it has had its practitioners who were willing to get its points across in an appealing manner. Bill Nye, Beakmen, Sid the Science Kid — they all attempt to make us understand science just a little bit more everyday. They are champions in their own rite, taking on the task of fitting a round peg (science) into a sqaure hole (our brains).

Joining that list of champions are the duo, Jason Snyder & Briana Feola, over at Brainstorm. They are not a science institution but they have chosen to use their keen illustration skills to help us remember some of the basics.

Courtesy of Brainstorm.

Courtesy of Brainstorm.

Courtesy of Brainstorm.

Courtesy of Brainstorm.

Courtesy of Brainstorm.

Courtesy of Brainstorm.

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