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Team Su(Preemo).

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Quiet Lunch attended one of two of SUPRA‘s One Year Anniversary celebrations last week Monday. With one taking place in New York and the other taking place in Paris, we opted for the one in NYC — sorry, SUPRA Paris, but our private jet is in the shop.

The dynamic footwear brand opened up their boutique at 4 Prince Street around this time last year and have been flourishing quite nicely since then. The celebration was hosted by rising star Party Supplies and the legendary DJ Premier. On display were their newly released Olympic style shoe along with their recently debuted female shoes — a SUPRA first. The usual band of skaters and BMXers were also about, chopping it up and sharing a few laughs. Other special guest included Statik Selektah, Greg Mishka and more!

Photography by Nomi Ellenson/Courtesy of Quiet Lunch Magazine.

After taking in the amazing footwear on the walls, we paid our undivided attention DJ Premier as he took to the 1′s & 2′s. The temperature in the boutique had risen to about 435° but Preemo was intent on making it even hotter with some white hot turntablism.

Photography by Nomi Ellenson/Courtesy of Quiet Lunch Magazine.

Photography by Nomi Ellenson/Courtesy of Quiet Lunch Magazine.

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The Quiet Lunch.
Quiet Lunch is a grassroot online publication that seeks to promote various aspects of life and culture with a loving, but brute, educational tinge. When we say, “Cerebral Sustenance Daily,” we mean it.

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