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The End of Our Rope.

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Illustrator Huguette Despault May produces some extraordinarily detailed drawings that attempt to translate the characteristics of human beings. The Hawser Series depicts a series of ropes unraveling and coming undone. May explains on his website:

“In the drawing I encountered abundant physicality: ‘muscle’ ‘hairy-ness’ and ‘sinew’ which lead to meditating on the many evocative rope-derived idioms and aphorisms embedded in the English language. These often referred colorfully and metaphorically to the human condition: ‘end of one’s tether’, ‘at loose ends’ and ‘all strung out’ being but a few examples. Beyond its former utility at sea, this industrial-strength tether has served anew as an elegant model for my graphical musings on the strands of our human strengths and frailties.”

“Inbound”. (Courtesy of Huguette Despault May.)

“Core Strength”. (Courtesy of Huguette Despault May.)

“Loosened”. (Courtesy of Huguette Despault May.)

“The Cores”. (Courtesy of Huguette Despault May.)

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