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The Lamon Luther Story.

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The recent of trend upcycling has taken a more meaningful turn. Furniture company Lamon Luther is proving that a business does not have to lack compassion in order to succeed.

“Born in 1930 in the foot hills of Randolph County, Alabama, Lamon Luther Wilson is a farmer, a mechanic and a carpenter.  With his hands he provides for his family.  During those days, working with your hands was a part of survival and economic stability.   If the sun is up during the summer months, he is found in his garden.  He shares his excess crops with his community, making sure everyone has the freshest produce.  His hands are callused but you wouldn’t know it on Sunday behind his perfectly pressed suit.  Lamon Luther is a rugged gentleman.
Lamon Luther, the company, was born as a tribute to a dying generation of craftsmen.
Lamon Luther is about keeping this art alive, building hope and creating opportunity for homeless carpenters.  We achieve this by putting tools in their hands, and building the finest handcrafted furniture in the world. Each piece carries the blood, sweat and tears of our carpenters and a story of hope and opportunity. Since inception, we have done custom work for Chick-Fil-A, Plywood People, Catalyst, and many great designers in the Southeast.”

America’s economy isn’t truly at its best these days but the nation is somewhat on a road to recovery. Its citizen are suffering but if more companies went the route of Lamon Luther, that ‘somewhat’ can easily turn into a ‘definitely’.

The Lamon Luther Story from Lamon Luther on Vimeo.

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