The Washi Zoo.

Made from a single sheet of paper, artist Quentin Trollip takes a through tour of the animal kingdom via the Origami Express. On the contrary, Trollip did bend the rules; as often two different coloured pieces of washi paper had to be stuck to each other to give added detail to the animals which are multicoloured. Nonethelss, these paper creatures are still interesting to watch.

Mandrill. (Courtesy of Quentin Trollip.)

Aardvark. (Courtesy of Quentin Trollip.)

Raccoon. (Courtesy of Quentin Trollip.)

Meerkat. (Courtesy of Quentin Trollip.)

Osprey. (Courtesy of Quentin Trollip.)

Free-Tailed Bat. (Courtesy of Quentin Trollip.)

Black Bear. (Courtesy of Quentin Trollip.)

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