Times Are Rough.

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If you haven’t yet heard, times are rough. Designers are getting ready for fashion week and fitting it in where they can. Collaborations are a thing of the now with designers launching ready to wear lines, giving way to a genre known as “speed to market.” This week MMM launched for H&M, and now Target is partnering up with Prabal Gurung for a limited edition line.

The collection will hit the stores right in time for Valentine’s Day, February 10th through March 23rd. The line will include women’s ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. So, guys, there will be no excuses for not getting your girl a nice designer piece.

Photo Courtesy of Fashionologie.

“This collection was inspired by love and if Target’s guests can feel even a little bit of the love that I felt while I was designing this collection, then I consider it a job well done,” said Prabal Gurung in a press release.  “I am thrilled to be working with Target on a collection that brings my designs to a wider audience, it’s about well made clothes, a reason to escape.”

Photo Courtesy of Target.

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