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Toro y Tyler.

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DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince said it the best, “It’s like the summer’s a natural aphrodisiac”. It’s common to find on any summer day or night two individuals, complete strangers, wrapped up in conversation; lost in pheromones and desire, caught up in the freedom and whimsy of summer. We’ve all fallen under its spell and then been lifted up into a silly high that warms your body at the sight of a new person.

Tyler, The Creator and Chazwick Bundick of Toro y Moi have joined forces to tell this story in the song “Hey You”, working up a smooth brew to get you through the remaining days of summer. Bundick sets up a fluid beat, reminiscent of early 90’s hip-hop and 80’s R&B, layered with electronic quirks that hit you and then recede. In less than three minutes this song slyly lures you in as Tyler introduces himself with, “Hey you”.  His voice is deep with a mellow sway that gets you on a summer high, one that Quiet Lunch can approve of.

Written by Francine Lucas.↓

Francine Lucas (n.) dance maniac; fashion pervert; purveyor of Noise & Ambition.

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