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Work Drugs; In That Order.

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Smooth-fi duo Work Drugs recently released visuals for their single “Pluto”. The video a solid about of trippy quirk mixed with a few recognizable parodies.

Said to make music specifically for boating, sexting, dancing, yachting, and living, Work Drugs is quite possibly our favorite band this summer — we would say ‘this year’ but we’re complete music sluts, you never when we’re going to let another band bang our earholes. Their new album, Absolute Bearing, will be available July 10th!  Check out for download details.

“Pluto” by Work Drugs.↓

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  • Surf's Up. June 17, 2013 - 2:40 pm Reply

    [...] Work Drugs recently released visuals for the title track of their upcoming album due out June 18th. Directed by Karl Hungus, ”Mavericks” features a slice of 60s beach bum culture. It also features an intrigued Mary-Ann listening in on the haps. An authentic beach tune, “Mavericks”  was actually written and recorded on a surfing binge along the Pacific Coast Highway. Be sure to get your copy of Mavericks out tomorrow! [...]

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